Jake doing work with Vietnam's endangered elephant population. 

Jake doing work with Vietnam's endangered elephant population. 

At Peak Wildlife Park we are passionate about conservation; our mission is ‘to take and inspire action to secure wildlife and wild places’. We aim to achieve this in three key ways.

1) We take conservation action at the park very seriously.  We care for a number of species who’s future might not be secure without the help of the international captive breeding programmes which we participate in. Currently these include endangered species such as the Visayan Warty Pig, all three of our lemur species, Humboldt Penguins and Waldrapp Ibis.

2)  We take action in the wild. Since opening, PWP has provided technical assistance to zoos in Indonesia and Vietnam and is currently assisting the Vietnamese government in efforts to save it’s critically endangered elephant population by providing guidance of elephant management and care.

3)  We inspire action. Your experiences here are crucial to our mission, by allowing visitors to share large natural habitats with endangered animals living ‘wild-lives’ hear at the park, we hope to inspire our visitors to care for wildlife as much as we do.


Animal Welfare

We ensure our animals are healthy and happy by providing them with large, naturalistic spaces in which they can behave as if they were in the wild. Our lemurs can climb trees, eat leaves and interact with a variety of other lemurs from different species just as they would in Madagascar. Our penguins can dig their own nest sites, swim for fish in a choice of pools and even go for long walks in what is one of the biggest penguin habitats in the zoo world! Our shy critically endangered Visayan warty pigs can roam amongst lush vegetation, rooting for treats exactly as they would in the islands off the coast of the Philippines where they originate from! 


Our keeping staff and vet team keep a close eye on all our animals to ensure they stay healthy and receive exactly the right amounts of food; something that isn’t always guaranteed in the wild!