In 1940,

a curious thing happened here on the Staffordshire Moorlands… A man by the name of Henry Brocklehurst, forced by war time regulations, had to close down his private collection of exotic animals. Among his collection were five Bennett’s Wallabies, all of which where released into the Staffordshire Roaches. This small population flourished; eventually becoming a population of 50!

Unfortunately, being from much warmer climes (Tasmania), these wonderful marsupials failed to adapt to our long, harsh winters, with the winter of 1963 decimating the population. Their current population is of some debate, with sporadic sightings being reported up until recently. Here at Peak Wildlife Park we are trying to keep the legend alive, with our homage to this most captivating of stories; our Wallaby Wanderland. 

Keep an eye out for...

Bennetts Wallaby

bennetts wallaby