Look A Penguin in the Eye


Look A Penguin in the Eye

from 75.00

A real, hands-on, behind the scenes visit to the Penguins.

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Look A Penguin In The Eye…

A real, hands-on, behind the scenes visit with one of the world’s most iconic animals! An unforgettable experience, you’ll be in charge of providing dinner for 21 hungry Humboldts! You’ll soon learn that these guys aren’t shy, as you’re bombarded with beaks, flippers and wings in a truly hands unique encounter!

The Package:

  • 45 minutes spent feeding and getting to know our Humboldt Penguin colony.

  • You’ll be one to one with the parks dedicated penguin keeper, so be sure to ask them all your prying penguin questions.

  • Behind the scenes tour of our Penguin Facility and Keeper Kitchen

  • Penguin Whisperer Certificate

  • Free entry to the park

To receive a gift box for the experience, including a box and vouchers, please put '1' in the Gift Option. A charge of £3.99 for postage and handling will apply at checkout.

To find out more please call 01538 308 880 or email info@peakwildlifepark.co.uk

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